Mimi the Angels


“Mimi is a funny angel”

Amanda M. – 5 years old

“Mimi The Angel Gets Her Wings is a good book”

Rebecca S. – 6 years old

“I like Mimi very much”

Nathaniel N. – 7 years old

“Mimi has lots of adventures”

Kayla S. – 9 years old

“Mimi is a small happy little angel”

Amanda N. – 10 years old

"I like Mimi The angel because it’s cheerful and sweet. It made me feel like I was a little kid again when I slept with my little and cute teddies. My favorite part was when Mimi the angel out of her bed so excitingly and said; yippee! Because of her expression; I Recommend this Book to all kids of all ages because I think that kids should believe more in angels and god, and it will help them through their lives."

Mikael B. – 10 years old

"I read Mimi the Angel and I thought it was very good. It teaches kids that you are never alone in the world and that you have angels protecting you all your life. Instead of making it hard to read for kids Jennifer makes it fun! I can hardly wait until the other books come out so kids can enjoy a nice book before they go to bed and remind them to say their prayers."

Aaron, Almonte, ON – 11 years old

“I can honestly say that my daughters have never related to a book before with such enthusiasm. Mimi the Angel is a fantastic book for children’s spiritual development in a way they can understand and at a level they can relate to. On behalf of my daughters and on my own behalf, as a parent we love it!”

Donna S.

“The world needs more angels like Mimi. Finally a character you want your children to relate to”

Karen F.

Madie “The beautiful story and delightful illustration of how Mimi Got her Wings entranced my three year old little grand-niece! Mimi the Angel is sure to captivate readers, young and old, with her heart-warming smile and messages of hope and inspiration.”

Jacquie H.


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