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Book Fairs

If you would like Mimi Publishing to attend a book fair or have our newest release of Mimi the Angel Gets Her Wings displayed at your event, email us at info@mimitheangel.ca.

Book Signings

If you would like Mimi Publishing to hold a book signing of Mimi the Angel Gets Her Wings at your location, email us at info@mimitheangel.ca.

To Give Back to Your Community

Be someone’s angel this year and help others in your community by contributing your time to an event that is particularly fond to you or by helping out in any way you can. We invite you to reach out to others. One person can make a difference!

Mimi Publishing Inc. wishes to extend a warm thank you to all volunteer workers and everyone in the community who make a difference on a daily basis.

To Share a Story

Attention all Junior Writers! Do you have a story you would like to share with us that you have written? If so, Mimi Publishing Inc. is looking for your creative short stories, less than 800 words, to be posted online in our upcoming Junior Writers section. We are accepting submissions which have content that is inspiring, positive, magical, or angelic in nature. For more information, email info@mimitheangel.ca.

To Share your Self-Published Books

Attention all self-published authors! Do you have a book that you are willing to share with others and sell? If so, Mimi Publishing Inc. is looking for your books to post online in an upcoming self-published online web store. To obtain more information, email info@mimitheangel.ca.

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Book Launch A Huge Success!

Thank you to all who came to meet us and participated in our book launch of Mimi the Angel Gets Her Wings on Saturday November 26, 2005 at the Pinecrest Chapters. Your support truly touched our hearts. It’s thanks to all of you that our first book launch was a huge success! Seeing people lined-up for 2 hours was an overwhelming experience that we will always treasure.

More information about the book launch will be found in our Mimi the Angel Newsletter. Please sign-up for the FREE newsletter to read more and see pictures about our exciting event.

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