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Introducing Taylor’s Hope

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Taylor's Hope Logo Her hope, TAYLOR'S HOPE, is that "Every needy child around the world will have someone special to take care of them, to have light in their eyes, beautiful sparkles in their smiles and joy and happiness and love in their hearts."

This young girl has been working for Africa and the Third World countries since she was 4˝ years old. She started by giving 32 shoeboxes of her toys to Operation Christmas Child. At 5˝ she was the youngest speaker across Canada for Operation Christmas Child and had her first interview by telephone from Toronto. At age 6, she decided to sponsor her very own child, and began spearheading a program called "Taylor's Hope", becoming an Ambassador for Child Sponsorship of needy children in Africa and around the world. Now at 11 years old, she continues her program with enthusiasm. She was highlighted as "Volunteer of the Week" on radio station CFRA in Ottawa. She has been interviewed by CBC Radio (In Town and Out), CFRA, CHRI, Country 92, CBC & CJOH TV and the Ottawa Citizen. At 8, she was selected as an Agent of Change by TV Ontario (TVO Kids). At 9, she was selected as an Angel of Hope by World Vision and was asked to be on the cover of their international magazine called Childview. Taylor is an avid public speaker, and took part in a pilot project in May 2003 called I Matter, an interactive forum of inspirational speakers set in a high school setting in and around Ottawa. Taylor enjoys speaking to groups in many schools, churches, and clubs. She brings with her to her talks a collection of dolls from around the world and other items for discussion. Her most notable talks have been at the Annual General Meeting of CFHI (Canadian Food for the Hungry International), Rideau Kiwanis Club, Central Park Lodge, World Vision (Mississauga) and at Spruce Lake Retreat in Pennsylvania, USA. She has written numerous articles on the subject of needy children and sponsorship under the byline "Taylor's Hope". She received a Citizenship Award for 2003, and has received many commendations, including one from Dr. Jane Goodall for her humanitarian work at such a young age. At 10, she went on a mission trip to Mexico, with Operation Christmas Child to assist delivering 4000 shoeboxes to needy children there within 1 one week. She is working tirelessly in order to spread her message and has inspired other children to think about needy children and to act unselfishly in their own giving.

Mimi Publishing Inc. invites you to glance at Taylor’s extensive portfolio. Hopefully, this will inspire you like it inspired us!


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For more information about World Vision visit www.worldvision.com.