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"Our universal message is that our participation will be able to encourage and inspire children to positive action and to offer them hope in times of challenge or confusion by showing them their similarities while celebrating their differences to create peace and harmony once again on Earth".

Mimi Publishing Inc. is always willing and ready to help out in any way we can. For bookings, contact us at events@mimitheangel.ca.

Book Signings

Mimi the Angel is always looking for new places to visit and to meet incredible individuals. Our book signing opportunities offers the opportunity to your clients and community a chance to meet the authors and share in their passion while encouraging reading.

School Readings

If your school is looking for fun and interesting events, we would love to help out! Our testimonials speaks for themselves.


Forecasting 27 books in the Mimi the Angel book series, Mimi Publishing Inc. wants to tailor each book to a workshop that will inspire children and encourage them. As more new exciting workshops are being developed, we invite you to visit our workshop section for more information. If you would like our workshops to visit your area, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Charitable Events

Mimi the Angel support charitable events. By encouraging your mission and lending a helping hand, Mimi Publishing Inc. helps your charity or organization attain their goals through various ways that tailors your individual needs. Let us know how we can help!

Hospital Visits

Everyone knows how hospital stays can at times become scary and unpleasant. Mimi the Angel wants to brighten up any hospital stay with a visit. If you know of anyone who would need an angel by their side or simply an encouraging word, we are there to help. Hospital readings are also available to large groups. Each reading is tailored to your specifications. We hope to be able to inspire the lives of many children in the upcoming years in various ways.

Celebrations / Community Events

What child or adult can't resist a great celebration. We can help you celebrate with a visit from Mimi the Angel, a magician and a balloonist guaranteed to bring smiles and laugher.

Radio Interviews / TV Appearances

Mimi Publishing Inc. would like to extend their message all over the world. Radio and TV helps us carry our inspiration to places we would not be able to reach otherwise. After all, all kids around the world deserve some positive inspiration. Help us bring it to them!


We invite you to visit our fundraising section for more information. Fundraising applies to many situations. Email us to see how we can help you raise much needed funds for a worthwhile cause.